Beautiful Sentences

  1. If you are absent during my struggle, do not expect to be present during my success.
  2. The struggle you are in today is developing strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up!
  3. You deserve someone who would jump fences to be with you, not someone who is on the fences about being with you.
  4. At the end of day, the only questions I will ask myself are: Did I love enough? Did I laugh enough? Did I make a difference?
  5. The one that angers you controls you. Do not give anyone that power, especially the one who does it intentionally.
  6. No one heals himself by wounding another.
  7. Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.
  8. Never forget three types of people in your life;
    • Who helped you in your difficult time.
    • Who left you in your difficult time.
    • Who put you in your difficult time.
  9. Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today.
  10. You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto the things that make you sad. Let things go and move on.
  11. Recognizing and talking about your problems is not a weakness. Doing nothing about them is.
  12. You will see it, when you believe it.
  13. Life is too short to wait.
  14. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
  15. Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.
  16. I will persist until I succeed.
  17. Those who do not understand your silence will never understand your words.
  18. A simple hello could lead to a million things.
  19. Standing alone does not mean I am alone. It means I am strong enough to handle things all by myself.
  20. It is better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.
  21. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if only you are doing it.
  22. I have learned to remember my past without living in it.
  23. Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.
  24. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.
  25. Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and weak minds discuss people.
  26. An intelligent person will open your mind, a beautiful person will open your eyes and a loving kind person will open your heart.
  27. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
  28. Life is a one time offer, use it well.
  29. Nobody can change a person but someone can be the reason for a person to change.
  30. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.
  31. When nothing is sure, everything is possible.
  32. There are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better but the givers sleep better.
  33. Whether it is a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it you have nothing.
  34. I am committed to being a better person today than I was yesterday, better thoughts, better decisions, better actions…
  35. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.
  36. Never lose hope, you never know what tomorrow may bring.
  37. The eyes are useless when the mind is blind…
  38. Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven not forgotten.
  39. Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.
  40. Spend your time to those who love you unconditionally, not with those who love you only when the condition is right for them.
  41. If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0
  42. It is not about saying the right things; it is about doing the right things.
  43. Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone in the sea. But do you have any idea how deep that stone can go?
  44. Words may lie, but actions will always tell the truth.
  45. Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it will always get you the right ones.
  46. One day, you will be just a memory for some people; do your best to be a good one.
  47. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationship we are afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.
  48. You get most things in life not by taking, but by giving.
  49. Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.
  50. There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.
  51. Think positive and positive things will happen.
  52. Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.
  53. A person may break you heart and damage your pride, but never ever give them the power to break your spirit.
  54. Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
  55. Sometimes, a hug is all you need to make you feel better.
  56. Just because I don’t react, doesn’t mean I didn’t notice.
  57. Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.
  58. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
  59. The secret of happiness is low expectations.
  60. Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader.
  61. Having kids doesn’t make you a father, raising them does.
  62. The depth of your struggle will determine the height of your success.
  63. Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.
  64. When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening.
  65. If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.
  66. Don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.
  67. Experience, is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
  68. Any good apology has three parts: 
    • I’m sorry. 
    • It’s my fault 
    • What can I do to make right? Most people forget the third part.
  69. Never make decision when you’re angry and never make promise when you’re happy.
  70. Never judge someone by the opinion of another.
  71. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.
  72. You never know what you have until, you clean your room.
  73. Don’t Correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.
  74. We must be silent before we can listen. We must listen before we can learn. We must learn before we can prepare. We must prepare before we can serve. We must serve before we can lead.
  75. As long as there is someone in the sky to protect me, there is no one on the earth who could break me.
  76. People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.
  77. There are three stupid stage of life: 
    • Teen age= have time + Energy but No Money 
    • Working age= Have Money + Energy but No Time 
    • Old age= Have Time + Money but NO Energy
  78. Sometimes bad things in life open up your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.
  79. When you say “it’s hard”, it actually means “i’m not strong enough to fight for it”.
  80. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
  81. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.
  82. Trust is like a paper once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect again.
  83. Sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right. We don’t need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens.
  84. Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is already there.
  85. When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half.
  86. Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go.
  87. Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
  88. There is always a little truth behind every “Just Kidding” , a little knowledge behind every “ I don’t know”, a little emotion behind every “I don’t care”, and a little pain behind every “it’s OK”.
  89. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
  90. Make sure the important people in your life know how important they are before it’s too late.
  91. When you love someone the best thing you can offer is your presence.
  92. Forget it enough to get over it, remember it enough so it doesn’t happen again.
  93. Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions.
  94. When you fully trust a person without any doubt, you finally get one of the two results:
    • A person for life or
    • A lesson for life
  95. When you judge another you don’t define them, you define yourself.
  96. Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all, or by having everything happen all at once.
  97. One smile, can start a friendship. One word, can end a fight. One look, can save a relationship. One person, can change your life.
  98. The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.
  99. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.
  100. You don’t need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely.
  101. It’s time to break out of your shell and show the world who you really are and what you’re really made of.
  102. God has four gifts for you:
    • A key for every problem
    • A light for every shadow
    • A plan for every tomorrow
    • And a joy for every sorrow
  103. Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.
  104. Don’t judge me by my past. I’m not in the past anymore. Accept me for who I am because this is my today.
  105. If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone.
  106. We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make difference.
  107. Don't let your ears witness what your eyes didn't see. Don't let your mouth speak what your heart doesn't feel.
  108. Sometimes I wish I could disappear, and watch to see who noticed I was gone.
  109. The amazing thing about life is that you choose what you allow into it, you choose how things affect you, you choose how react. Happiness is a choice make it.
  110. Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing and don’t let people bring you down.
  111. Don’t ever change just to impress and please someone. Change because it makes you a better person and it leads you to a better future.
  112. The most three important words you can say to yourself: Yes I can.
  113. I think it’s time to be happy again.
  114. Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons, we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.
  115. I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.
  116. Learn to admit your mistakes before someone exaggerates the story.
  117. Don’t judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.
  118. Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you.
  119. Some people feel the rain, Others just get wet.
  120. One of the simplest ways to stay happy is letting go of the things that makes you sad.
  121. The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart . So be careful with your words.
  122. Everything you need, will come to you at the perfect time.
  123. There’s always one song that reminds you of a person, place or time and makes you miss it so much.
  124. Don’t force someone to remember you all the time. Just stay silent and let them realize how will they be without you in their life.
  125. Get driven into your ambition, pursue your goals passionately and you will see your dreams come alive.
  126. A smile is the best makeup that any girl can wear.
  127. Always love your mother, because you never get another!
  128. If something is not happening for you it doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. It means you’re not ready for it.
  129. Beauty catches the attention but character catches the heart.
  130. Action is the foundational key to all success.
  131. I believe in love at first sight because I love my mom since I first opened my eyes…
  132. There is always a way.
  133. Here’s the truth: your situation is never permanent. It’s what you make it. Life isn’t solid, it’s fluid. It changes.
  134. Trust: it can take years to build, seconds to break and sometimes, forever to repair.
  135. Time decides who you meet in your life. Your heart decides who you want in your life. Behaviour decides who will stay in your life.
  136. Be strong, but not rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be bold, but don’t bully. Be humble, but not shy. Be confident, but not arrogant.
  137. Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  138. Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.
  139. Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it’s to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind.
  140. Don’t judge me. I was born to be awesome. Not perfect.
  141. You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.
  142. This journey is yours, enjoy each and every step.
  143. Some things take time. Stay patient and stay positive, things will get better.
  144. The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.
  145. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
  146. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
  147. The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.
  148. A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.